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Network see all Network. Mobilicity 2.

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Unlocked 2. Not Specified 1. Color see all Color. Black 1. Blue 1. Not Specified 3. Brand see all Brand. Nokia 5.

Model 3200

Contract see all Contract. Without Contract 1. Not Specified 4. Model see all Model.

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Nokia 1. Condition see all Condition.

Open box 1. Used 4. Please provide a valid price range. Item Location see all Item Location. Default filter applied. Canada Only. North America. Show only see all Show only. Free Returns. Free shipping. Call—Call the number. Scroll to a name or number and select Options and the desired option from the list. Duration of dialed calls—Show the duration of all dialed calls.

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Duration of all calls—Show the duration of all calls missed, dialed, and received. Clear timers—Reset all call timers to zero. Use the Scroll up and Scroll down keys to scroll through the details of the entry, if necessary. You are asked to enter the security code.

Enter the security code and select OK. Page Copy Entries You can send a business card using IR or as a text message to a compatible phone or other handheld device. Enter the new number, or select Find to retrieve a number from contacts, and select OK. Enter a name for the entry and select OK. Group members—Add or remove members from the caller group.

Nokia 3200

Follow the prompts to set the option according to your preference. Memory status—View the amount of phone or SIM memory used and available. Page Settings menu 4 Ringing options—Select the ringing tone style. Ringing tone—Select the ringing tone for incoming calls. Ringing volume—Set the volume of your ringing tone. Vibrating alert—Turn the vibrating alert on or off.

Page 70 If you want to set a custom time up to 60 minutes , select Other, then enter the custom time and select OK. A message appears in the display confirming your selection.

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Show or hide the date You can display or not display the date on the start screen. Page Personal Shortcuts This list of functions is called the Go to menu. You can also select an operator-specific name for the Right selection key to be displayed in the start screen. If you selected one of the other functions, the Right selection key takes you directly to that function. For more information, see the PC Suite 5. The phone tries to reestablish the connection after the call. Indicates an active GPRS connection, for example, when you are using the browser.

Page Call Settings Forward all fax calls—Forward all fax calls to a fax mailbox. Forward all data calls—Forward all data calls to a data mailbox. Cancel all call forwarding—Cancel any call forwarding options you may have set. Select Activate. Page Automatic Redial Note: This is a network-dependent feature.

Check with your service provider for availability and a description of the feature. Activate or deactivate cell info display Note: Cell info display is network-dependent and may not work the same in all networks. Contact your service provider for availability. This is a Network Service and may not appear on your phone, depending on your service provider. Automatic answer—Calls are answered automatically after one ring when a headset is connected.

Select On or Off. Page Security Settings Lights—Choose to keep the phone lights always on, or to shut off automatically after several seconds. Select On or Automatic. A message appears in the display confirming that original settings have been restored. Note: Data that you have entered or downloaded is not deleted. For example, names and numbers in contacts are not affected. Page Gallery menu 5 You can save pictures and ringing tones to folders in the gallery, or create folders of your own and save them there.

Your phone supports usage rights to protect content that you have acquired. A piece of content, such as a ringing tone, can be protected and associated with certain usage rules, for example the number of usage times. Enter text in the text editor and select OK.

Nokia 3200

Page 86 The portion of the image inside of the marking box appears in the display. Enter a name for the image and select OK. Select the folder where you want to save the image. Page Self Timer Default title—Define the title that will be used when saving a photo. If you select Automatic, the default title will be used, or if you select My title, you can enter or edit a new title.

Loudspeaker—Listen to the radio through the speakerphone. Headset—Listen to the radio through the headset. Stereo output is available through a stereo enhancement. To replay the latest recording, select Replay last. To send the latest recording as a multimedia message or by IR to a compatible phone, select Send. Details—View the name, size, date, time, length, format, and copyright status of the recording. Sort—Sort the recordings in the folder by name, date, format, or size. Alarm off appears briefly in the display. Nokia User Guide appears on the start screen.

Page Calendar The month view provides an overview of the selected month and weeks. It also allows you to jump to a specific date. Any days or dates that appear in bold font contain calendar notes such as a meeting or reminder. You are then given the option to set an alarm. Page 95 Copy—Copy the note.

You can then paste the note to another date. Settings—Set the date and time, date and time format, the day each week starts, and whether you want your notes to autodelete after a specified time. Enter the exchange rate, using the key to insert a decimal if needed, and select OK.