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The characters are brilliant, sexy, and real, while the high-octane action and soul-gripping plots have you on the edge of your seat. I loved it! I could not put [it] down. Lora Leigh has spun a smoldering hot tale of secret passion and erotic deceptions. Bursting with passion and drama.

Enthralls and excites from beginning to end.

Excerpt: NAUTI AND WILD, Lora Leigh

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It oozed through her senses like an oily presence, determined to overwhelm her, to overtake her. He was hard for her. His head lowered, his lips taking hers quickly, parting the lush curves as he slid one hand into the riotous curls that surrounded her face and gripped the soft strands to hold her to him.

The taste of her, the adrenaline and hunger coursing through his veins only made him more drunk. Drunk on her. Growling at the surge of lust tearing through him he dropped the empty glass to the floor and gripped the slender strap of her dress to drag it over her arm. It would only go so far. His lips slid down her neck, moving for those tight little berries.

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The feel of them against his tongue sent a groan tearing from his chest. Sucking one into his mouth he laved it with his tongue and loved it with his mouth as he lowered his hand again, this time to his slacks. It pressed against the zipper of his pants, demanding to be set free.

Like a ravenous beast it throbbed and pulsed at the confinement, silently demanding attention. His hand tightened in her hair as his gaze centered on her lips and he pressed her downward. Sierra lost her breath at the silent demand in his face, his gaze as he tugged her lower.

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She knew what he wanted. With one hand he gripped her fingers and dragged them to the heavy length of hardened flesh.

Designed and Built with by Priceless Design Studio. Follow Lora:. Looking for trouble, and looking irresistible. Boys with an edge so hard it takes a special kind of woman to satisfy them. And there she was. With her hard nipples. With her lush lips and hungry slate gray eyes.