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Though how I knew I couldn't say. There was a war going on in our house, a silent war that sounded no guns, and the bodies that fell were only wishes that died and the bullets were only words and the blood that spilled was always called pride.

I think every family has their secrets, but how deep do they go, and to what extent? In the Adare family, there are two main secrets, but one of those has consequences far worse than the other. We're talking about basically changing a child's life because of that secret and twisting it to fit some twisted fantasy to pretend their lives are almost perfect, and because their name has already been part of enough scorn from the town.

So much happens in just four hundred pages, it is almost mind-boggling. I instantly loved Audrina. The more I learned about her circumstances, and the more lies were revealed whether outright or hinted , I felt for her. Towards the end, I just wanted her to get away and start a new life without this sick, twisted family. In the beginning, I thought it was her mother who was the problem, and it turns out, I was quite wrong.

Her entire family made me so angry at times for creating this life of lies around Audrina, and truly making her believe this life. And this is not a spoiler in any way. I loved Arden and how sweet he was to Audrina, and how much he loved her. It's amazing how people or families can corrupt others, though I couldn't believe he would do some of the things he did when he said he loved Audrina so much.

I don't think they were entirely his fault, but there came a point for me, where they were his fault or at least partially. I think he really, truly loved Audrina, but corruption can do the worst things to the best people.

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And don't get me started on Damian Adare, Audrina's father There were times I was pissed off at him for things, then I found myself liking him, and then I found myself hating him, back to compassion for him, etc He was just a roller-coaster ride of feelings for me. It's one of those situations where you feel like you understand what he did and why he did it, but to the extent he went to, my goodness It made me so angry. He is one character who does NOT deserve what he has.

In fact, none of Audrina's family does. If I am being evasive on the happenings in this story, it's for a reason. There is so much which goes on in these pages, it's worse than a soap opera or a drama movie. What I still don't understand is, "Why? I do NOT understand Audrina's choice.

Is 'My Sweet Audrina' A True Story? This Lifetime Movie Has A Specific, Disturbing Origin

I mean I know what she says, but, if that was me, I would hope and pray, I would be doing what she had planned to do. Let's just say, I didn't expect the ending. I think this is one of those stories you just have to read it, to believe it. I think it deserves four stars. Jun 18, Paloma Meir rated it it was amazing. The story was as crazy as I remembered it, even crazier. Rest in Peace Ms. You are missed.

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Just wow. This was the most psychologically messed up, mind-fucking book that I've ever read. We all know that V.

Andrews has quite a habit of messing with our minds, but this book has taken her "talent" to a whole other level. Her mysteries are always so out of the blue and we never end up expecting the plot twists especially in the end. It's so fascinating and wonderful to read such an unpredictable book that just left your feared out of your mind after completing it. Yes, I got very anxious and tense by the end of this book. When V. Andrews creates something scary, it's scary. But not a horror made-up kind of scary, a reality kind of fear because things like this do happen to many people around the world.

Andrews caused us to think about real life mysteries that are totally unexplainable. No one, not even the MC knew what was going on for 20 years of her life, and that's because everyone and everything were lies, and everyone was lying to her and you can either think one way or the other. Andrews gets us to create predictions about what's going to happen because we begin to have no clue on what was going on, but in the end, I was completely wrong.

Audrina has lived her life hearing about The First and Sweet and Best Audrina, her dead sister who died 9 years before she was born. Yes, I did capitalize those words. Her sister was so special and so perfect and she never did anything wrong. But Audrina's life is a mystery as well. Why can't she remember anything from her early childhood and memories of just years ago?

Why can't she remember what day it is or how old she and her family are? It all comes down to one mystery, one secret that has been hidden, and everyone except Audrina knows.

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This whole book was amazingly written, like I said before. Andrews just creates an atmosphere that is so real, and fearful at the same time.

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The reader even begins to go through some mentality and some craziness that the characters in the book are going through because we are so confused as well. But in a suspenseful sort of way. It was very fast-paced, moving, and so real. Nothing ever bored me and I wish that I could've had more.


My Sweet Audrina

But, what an amazing standalone. I don't know That song just came into mind. That girl She's the worst as in evil character that I have ever read about. I could deal with her, probably because she created a lot of action and it was hilarious to see Audrina's dad whip her and hit her so many times, but she was SO bitchy. Like think of your worst enemy, and add in JAWS.

I don't have any words for Vera's behaviour because it's just so exotic and disturbing. I just hate people like her. She was my problem with the book because she was just too horrible. Why would you organize it?

Just because she got a lot of attention? She never did anything wrong to you! Thankfully Vera died, though. I sound so cruel. She was just another of the women who fell down the stairs. Audrina was a great, kick-ass character who really came out of her shell by the end of the book. I was really afraid that her situation would turn into something like 'Flowers in the Attic,' but thankfully, it came into something more darker and crazier. Audrina was a character who you felt so much sympathy for.

All she has ever wanted was a happy, ordinary life, and thanks to her sister I bolded that for a reason her whole life got screwed up and she was forced to do things and live in a different way than everyone else. It's just so sad because there are people who live that way in reality and nobody knows about them. People, no part of her left her! She's the same person!

They changed the time and pretended that Audrina was crazy but she wasn't! But as he got older and when he and Audrina married later on in the novel, he just got too strange. And then of course we then found out the reason for everything view spoiler [ Gosh, he raped her in the gang-rape. I wanted to kick his butt.

I have to say that Audrina's Papa really was an outstanding character in this book. He was the smart one, the one who knew best, right next to the mother and Ellie. He actually cared for Audrina so much and by the end, it really shows. The ending of this book was really open-ended and suspenseful.

I guess we just have to add onto it and guess what had happened later on.