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Reset your Password Try Again. Close Free Registration. First Name:. Last Name:. Your Motivation: Select Fun Health. For: Select Me Someone else. Type the characters you see in the picture below. Get the latest brain related news and information about our program in your email twice per month. Assessing Relations Between Imagery and Perception. Journal of Abnormal and Social Psychology 59 Experimental demonstration that, in some subjects, negative afterimages may be induced by purely imagined colors.

Journal of Mental Imagery 14 As well as confirming the occurence of mental rotation in blind subjects, this challenges the empirical claims of Hinton Deliberately moving the eyes while maintaining an unpleasant visual image in consciousness reduces the subsequent vividness and emotional impact of the image. For further corroboration see Andrade et al. Collins, S.

Gathercole, M. Conway, and P. Morris Eds. Perceptual Symbol Systems with commentaries and author's reply. Behavioral and Brain Sciences 22 Mundane Creativity in Perceptual Symbol Systems. Ward, S. Vaid Eds. Trends in Cognitive Sciences 7 , A companion piece to Pear and Aveling Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Cortex 38 Available online Reviews the clinical evidence on deficits in visual mental imagery and related deficits in visual perception resulting from brain injury.


He concludes that the evidence is not consistent with the Quasi-Pictorial Theory of Kosslyn , , but favors an enactive theory. Visual Neglect. Current Opinion in Neurology 20 Preprint available online A review of current knowledge about unilateral neglect, including imaginal neglect.

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Cortex 44 Neuropsychologia 43 Denes, G. Neuropsychologia 36 Available online Neurological evidence suggests that imagery does not depend on activity in the early visual areas of the brain. For an opposing view see Kosslyn, Alpert et al. Cortex 33 Reprint available online See note on previous item. Lawson Eds. Multisensory Imagery pp. New York: Springer. Levels of Impairment in Unilateral Neglect.

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Behrmann Ed. Handbook of Neuropsychology 2nd edn. Amsterdam: Elsevier Science. Preprint available online Includes a discussion of imaginal neglect. Behavioral and Brain Sciences 25 Available online A commentary on Pylyshyn a. Neurology 44 Neuropsychologia 18 Case study of a patient with a mental imagery deficit caused by a brain lesion.

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See also: Brain ; Botez et al. University Microfilms , The first serious attempt to simulate imagery computationally.

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The major inspiration for the description theory of Pylyshyn Modelling the Mind's Eye. Jones Eds.

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Amsterdam: Elsevier. A brief sketch of the model detailed in Baylor British Journal of Psychology 4 Study of a common form of involuntary auditory imagery. Current Directions in Psychological Science 9 A brief review of evidence on neural structures supporting visual mental imagery, from an uncritically quasi-pictorialist perspective. Nature An account of a brain damaged patient who has visual agnosia fails to recognize objects normally but apparently normal imagery ability. European Journal of Cognitive Psychology 16 Finds that the left middle-inferior temporal area of the brain is activated by imagery tasks in any sensory modality.

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Philosophical Foundations of Neuroscience. The central thesis of this book, strongly influenced by Wittgenstein, is that mental states, processes, characteristics, experiences, etc. In chapter 6, cognitive theories that treat mental images as inner representations, embodied as brain states, are criticized and rejected from this perspective.

Nature Neuroscience 6 Provides some direct support for an enactive account Thomas, b of olfactory imagery. Journal of Neurophysiology 98 6 Journal of Mental Imagery 5 Probably subject to the same objections as the similar work of Wallace q. Cognitive Science 31 Evidence that language comprehension involves the activation of mental imagery of the content of utterances but at the sentence rather than the word level.

Quaterly Journal of Experimental Psychology 14 Science Creative Evolution. Authorized translation from the original French by A. Mitchell: New York: Holt, Ayers Ed. London: Dent, The ideas of Berkeley's philosophy are, to all intents and purposes, mental images. A Confession of Images. Philosophical Practice 3 2 It is suggested that the differences between Locke, Berkeley and Hume concerning the possibility of general ideas may have arisen from differences in their respective imagery vividness cf.

Fraser, For the opposing viewpoint, see: McKelvie , Marks a, b, , , and Pearson et al.